Dental Hygiene in Calgary, AB

Your Guide to Optimal Oral Hygiene

At Symmetry Dental, your oral health is our top priority. While brushing and flossing at home is crucial to maintaining good oral hygiene, it’s also essential that you schedule regular dental appointments to ensure your smile is in tip-top shape. 

Discover how Dr. Adatia can help you maintain proper dental hygiene.

Regular Dental Appointments

Cleanings & Prevention

It’s easy to miss areas of your teeth when you’re brushing and flossing. This is why regular dental appointments are vital. Our dental professionals are able to use dental tools to remove hardened plaque and prevent further buildup, ensuring it won’t cause any future issues. 

At Symmetry Dental, we recommend practicing preventive measures. Prevention methods aim to preserve dentition and support structures by preventing the onset, progression, and recurrence of dental conditions and diseases. 

You can practice preventive measures at home. Keep a good at-home oral hygiene routine accompanied by a well-balanced diet. We’ll assist in prevention at our dental office by performing dental exams, cleanings, and x-rays. We can also provide fluoride treatments and dental sealants as non-invasive treatments to help protect your teeth from cavities.

Dental Exams

At your regular dental appointment, we’ll perform a comprehensive dental exam. You can expect the following:

  • Diagnostic X-rays: These are essential in detecting tooth decay, tumors, cysts, and bone loss. 
  • Oral Cancer Screening: This involves checking the face, necks, lips, tongue, and gums for any signs of oral cancer. 
  • Gum Disease Evaluation: We’ll check the gums and bones around the teeth for any signs of gum disease. 
  • Examination of Tooth Decay: We’ll look closely at each tooth for signs of tooth decay.
  • Examination of Existing Restorations: We’ll meticulously check your restorations to make sure they’re still in good condition. 

Fluoride Treatment

Fluoride is a natural element that’s proven to be effective in minimizing tooth decay and oral diseases. It’s a mineral that’s naturally present in varying amounts in almost all foods and water supplies. The benefits of fluoride have been well known for over 50 years and it’s recommended by several professional organizations that promote health and wellness. 

To protect your teeth, fluoride is a common ingredient in toothpaste, oral gel, and mouthwash. Getting additional fluoride treatments can:

  • Prevent cavities from developing on chewing surfaces
  • Provide additional protection for patients with a condition called dry mouth
  • Protect exposed and sensitive root structures
  • Provide extra protection from sugar in your diet

Dental Sealants

Dental sealants are thin layers of protective coating applied to the surface of teeth. This plastic coating is applied to the chewing surface of molars, premolars, and any deep grooves in your teeth. They’re made from safe material and are unnoticeable, but seal bacteria out. 

Sealants can protect teeth for many years but need to be checked for wear and chipping at your regular visits. Dental sealants are typically recommended for children, but adults can greatly benefit from this treatment as well.

Providing Beautiful, Healthy Smiles

Regularly visiting the dentist is crucial to maintaining proper dental hygiene. With our preventive services, we can help you achieve a beautiful and healthy smile for years to come. To schedule your appointment with Dr. Adatia, call our Calgary office at (403) 271-2661.

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