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Dental implants are widely regarded as the gold standard in tooth replacement, the most sophisticated and reliable solution to missing teeth. The implant itself consists of a titanium metal post which is affixed to your jawbone in the process of osseointegration. Once the implant has fully integrated, it’s capped with a crown to replicate the appearance and function of a normal tooth. If you’re missing one or more teeth, dental implants could be the best avenue for restoring a confident smile to your life.

What are the benefits of dental implants?

The primary benefit of dental implant treatment is restoring the look and feel of natural teeth. Crowns are custom made to fit your mouth perfectly, ensuring an exact match to your existing teeth. With dental implants, enjoy a return to the foods you love to eat without compensating for missing teeth or worrying about the wear caused by dentures. Smile freely with the knowledge that your complete set of teeth will always look and feel completely natural.

What can I expect from the dental implant process?

Dental implants are placed painlessly with the use of a local anesthetic, usually in under an hour. Any discomfort you experience after the procedure will fade quickly and is manageable with over-the-counter pain relievers.

After a healing process of about three months, your implant will be fully integrated with your jawbone and ready for the application of dental crowns at a second appointment. Don’t wait to pursue a restored smile with dental implants, treatment for missing teeth is always more reliable when steps are taken early.

Simplant Dental Planning

Simplant is a suite of dental planning software that provides your clinician with accurate models for surgical intervention. With the tools provided by Simplant, the exact anatomy of your mouth structure is rendered digitally to make implant surgery a predictable process. From the installation of implants to the final application of dental crowns, every step of your procedure is modelled in advance to ensure success without surprises.

You’ll be invited to see exactly what your treatment entails so that you can relax with the confidence that your treatment will adhere to a meticulous plan. For more than 20 years, Simplant software has reduced the risk of complications in treatment for countless patients.

Mini Dental Implants

For those reluctant to pursue more invasive treatment, mini dental implants are a revolution in tooth-replacement technology. Typically, they are used in tandem with upper or lower dentures to provide reliable support without the need for full implant surgery.

For the right candidate, mini dental implants can remove the need for a bone graft and the time required for healing that follows. They allow for the placement of crowns to occur on the same day as the implant procedure and require a shorter healing period.

While mini dental implants are most commonly placed to stabilize a lower denture, it’s possible to use them anywhere in the jaw. If you’ve experienced persistent looseness of your upper or lower dentures, talk to the expert staff at Symmetry Dental and find out if mini dental implants could provide relief.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who will place my dental implant?

In many cases your regular dentist at Symmetry Dental will place your dental implant. In some instances, they may refer you to an implantologist, cosmetic dentist, or another specialist. The reasons for a referral will always be explained to you and quality of care will be assured by our trusted partners.

How long do dental implants last?

Dental implants are an extremely long-lasting option for replacing missing teeth, with the life of your implant usually measured in decades. If you maintain regular checkups at our office in combination with properly caring for your implants at home, they can last a lifetime.

What is the cost of dental implants?

Prices for dental implant procedures will vary depending on the number of teeth being replaced and whether additional treatment like bone grafts are required. Total costs are often comparable to typical bridgework and are mitigated by insurance and financing plans.

Restore Your Smile With Dr. Adatia

Living with missing teeth can drastically affect your life, from a lack of self-confidence to having to restrict your favorite foods. Luckily, at Symmetry Dental we offer dental implants to completely restore the look, feel, and function of your smile. To see if you qualify for this revolutionary dental treatment, contact our Calgary office at (403) 271-2661.

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