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The types of oral surgeries offered at Symmetry Dental are employed to meet a variety of patient needs. Learn why oral surgery may be recommended as part of your journey to a healthy mouth.

Bone Grafting

The need for a bone graft usually arises as part of the dental implant process. When teeth have been missing for an extended period of time, wear on the jawbone coupled with disuse can cause hard bone tissue to soften and atrophy. For some patients with missing teeth, the bone mass of the jawbone won’t be sufficient to support implants without augmentation. Fortunately, the expert staff at Symmetry dental are equipped to restore your jawbone to robust health.

A bone graft will supplement the mass of your jawbone with tissue from a tissue bank or matter taken from elsewhere on the jaw or from other bones in your body. By augmenting the jawbone and permitting the necessary time to heal, implants can be placed safely and securely in the regrown bone mass. In the case of defects in the jaw that arise from traumatic injury or surgery, major bone grafts can be performed to restore function and appearance with the security of a hospital environment.

Extraction Site Preservation

After a tooth is extracted, you may require a socket preservation procedure to prevent bone loss before implant placement. Immediately following the extraction of a tooth, a bone substitute is grafted to the exposed socket and covered with a barrier membrane.

The socket is then sutured closed to allow for a healing period of approximately 30 days. Depending on your individual case, the barrier membrane may then be removed or allowed to simply absorb into your gum tissue.

Oral Surgery for Facial Trauma

Oral surgery for facial trauma is advanced treatment for injuries to the face and mouth. The most common cause of traumatic facial injuries are car accidents, but sports injuries and injuries from violence or accidents can also present the need for surgical intervention. In these serious cases, precise surgeries can repair the bone structure of a patient’s face and mouth and restore function that has been impaired.

At Symmetry Dental, our staff will ensure that you not only receive comprehensive care but you’re informed and supported emotionally throughout the process of recovering from a traumatic facial injury.

Oral Pathology

Oral pathology surgery addresses the presence of oral lesions. These may include benign or cancerous growths in the mouth, odontogenic tumors, salivary gland tumors, and lesions that arise as the result of infection or systemic disorders of the body.

The staff at Symmetry Dental is equipped to diagnose a spectrum of oral pathologies and equip you with the information to make educated treatment decisions. Don’t hesitate to have apparent oral lesions investigated by a professional. A standard checkup with your dentist will also include an examination for signs of oral pathologies that you may not detect on your own.

Wisdom Teeth Extraction

The need for wisdom teeth to be extracted is among the most common causes for oral surgery. Between the ages of 17 and 21, our wisdom teeth begin to emerge and can cause pain and crowding of our other teeth. Wisdom tooth extraction is a simple procedure that can remedy these problems before symptoms ever become noticeable. Get ahead of any concerns by consulting with your dentist early and developing a plan for treatment.

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Sometimes, surgical procedures are necessary to restore your oral health. Whether you’re in need of a tooth extraction or a bone graft, Symmetry Dental can perform safe and effective oral surgery. To learn more about our oral surgery options, call our Calgary office at (403) 271-2661.

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