Wisdom Teeth Removal in Calgary, AB

What are Wisdom Teeth?

The appearance of your third molars, known as wisdom teeth, usually occurs between the ages of 17 and 21. Wisdom teeth can cause problems when they don’t have enough room to properly grow in, becoming impacted and causing pain, crowding your other teeth, and fostering the growth of bacteria.

In many cases, your dentist will recommend the removal of wisdom teeth to avoid dental issues. Regular visits to your dentist will allow them to monitor the progress of wisdom teeth and form a plan for intervention, often before the teeth fully emerge from the gums.

At Symmetry Dental, we highly encourage you to seek the professional attention of our dentists for yourself or anyone in your family that has entered the stage of life where wisdom teeth are liable to emerge.

The Wisdom Tooth Removal Process

Timely management of wisdom teeth is the best strategy to minimize pain and the possibility of other complications.

During extraction of your wisdom teeth, you can expect any pain to be fully managed by powerful numbing agents. With a plan established before your surgery, you can expect a relatively short operation and rapid course of healing. Pain in the days following will be treated with medication prescribed based on your individual needs and health restrictions. You’ll be instructed on what behaviors to avoid after surgery to ensure the uninterrupted healing of your gums.

Plan Ahead for Wisdom Teeth

Don’t wait for symptoms of your emerging wisdom teeth to become a pressing concern. Call our Calgary office at (403) 271-2661 to schedule an appointment at Symmetry Dental and manage the process with care from professionals.

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