Pediatric Dentistry in Calgary, AB

Caring for Your Child’s Smile

At Symmetry Dental, we offer pediatric dentistry services to ensure your child gets the dental care they need. We provide gentle, friendly, and effective care while protecting your child’s smile. It’s important to start good oral hygiene habits with your children at a young age so their mouth develops properly and helps them avoid serious dental issues in the future. 

While most parents don’t think to bring their child to the dentist until they’re older, it’s recommended that your child visit the dentist once their first tooth erupts or no later than their first birthday. 

Discover how Dr. Adatia and our professional dental team can take good care of your child’s oral health.

Preparing Your Child for a Dental Appointment

Prior to your child’s dental appointment, there are a few tips to follow to help make the process easier and set them up for success, including:

  • Speak positively about the dentist
  • Choose a time of the day when they’re well-rested and relaxed
  • Bring their favorite toys
  • Introduce them to television shows or books that display their favorite characters going to the dentist
  • Use positive reinforcement as a reward

Our Pediatric Treatments

Cleanings & Exams

Along with maintaining a good at-home oral hygiene routine, your child should be brought in for biannual exams and professional cleanings. Exams are essential in the early detection of dental issues so we can treat them before they advance to more serious stages. 

Professional dental cleanings eliminate built-up plaque that has hardened on the teeth which could otherwise promote the development of decay and cavities. Ensuring that your child gets routine cleanings will help them maintain a healthy smile and pristine oral health. 

Custom Mouthguards

Mouthguards are custom appliances specially designed to prevent teeth grinding, as well as protect the teeth from injury during sporting activities. They’re worn over the teeth and are custom-made in a dental laboratory. 

To create your child’s custom mouthpiece, we’ll take highly accurate impressions of their teeth. These impressions are needed to make the molds for the mouthguard. The custom mouthguard is made from special materials to ensure an exact fit along with maximum effectiveness. 

Dental Sealants

Dental sealants are thin plastic coatings that are placed over the chewing surface of your child’s molars. This safe treatment seals out bacteria, helping protect your child’s teeth from cavities or other damage. Sealants can be effective for many years but need to be checked regularly for wear and chipping. 

Dr. Adatia can place dental sealants easily and the process only takes a couple of minutes per tooth. Proper home care, a balanced diet, and regular dental visits will help you get the most out of this treatment.

Friendly Care for Your Little Ones

Your child’s dental health is just as important as yours. We provide gentle and friendly care at Symmetry Dental, making sure your little one feels comfortable during their time at our dental office. To schedule an appointment for your child, call our Calgary office at (403) 271-2661.

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